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24 Jul 2017


Here are my latest portraits:

09 Aug 2017

Sisters are forever friends

Sisters are forever friends. I feel so privilege to create such meaningful portraits for my clients. I photograph this little girl Sam when she was a newborn baby and now she is holding her little sister’s hand to make her feel safe and loved. The beginning of their friendship starts now.

newborn photography

29 Jul 2017

Maternity Portraits at the park in Deerfield Beach Fl

I am so lucky that my beautiful newborn photography studio located right behind the The Arboretum at Constitution Park in Deerfield Beach.  In addition to studio portraits I can take natural outdoor portraits in this gorgeous park. I just photographed this beautiful mama to be. I can’t wait to meet her little girl in a few weeks.


13 Jun 2017

Newborn smile.

How to get newborns to smile for a photo?

The first time I saw a baby smile was in the 8th month of my pregnancy, when my little girl Layla was still in the womb and the ultrasound captured the moment. There is just nothing sweeter than baby’s face lighting up!

Some people insist that a newborn smile is simply a sign that your little bundle is passing gas, but I think it’s more than that. Through the years I have seen many babies smile as they lay cozy on my posing beanbag. I believe they smile because they are feeling comfy and content.


baby smiles


So, what’s the secret? How do I get baby to smile for the newborn pictures?

My secret is rather simple:  A full belly and re-creating the womb-world baby has grown in!

At NEOART Newborn Studio we simulate the womb environment to achieve a safe, familiar environment for your baby. I keep my studio at 80-degrees to ensure that your newborn is warm and comfortable. I soothe, swaddle and sway to keep baby happy during the session. By using a gentle white-noise machine to remind baby of the womb, I can calm babies more than 90% of the time 🙂

I position and handle your baby very gently, with the utmost of care. Most babies stay asleep through the session, especially if they have a full tummy. Babies already have a good start on developing their own little personality.  Honestly, not every baby will smile, just like not every

adult has a sense of humor or smiles a lot. I can assure you this, all babies are comfy and secure in our studio. And that makes for beautiful images!

How to get newborns to smile for a photo

31 May 2017

What is the cost of newborn photography?

Yes, this is an investment, but here’s why:

“So why does it cost so much to photograph a sleeping baby?”  I hear this all the time and have to chuckle. It’s easy to see the gorgeous portrait and not realize what went into creating it!

The saying “Time is money”  is very true here.  On average every newborn session takes about 20-30 hours. To provide the best experience for parents and baby, I can do only one session per day, up to three newborn sessions a week.


Here is why it takes 20-30 hours for each newborn session:

2 hour – Cleaning – Before every session I personally do a deep-cleaning the studio, and washing and sanitizing everything baby will come in contact with.

1 hour – Studio set up. During this time I put together the sets/backdrops, posing buckets and pillows. I pick out outfits and props based on my conversation with Mom and Dad, and based on color palettes in your home. I prepare equipment and test lights to minimize delays due to malfunctions. I’m ready to go with a camera in-hand to start photographing the moment you walk in. Many times baby sleeps in a car and we can start working with your baby right away. Other times, baby might need to feed again and we wait until baby is ready.

5x7 albutNEOART

2-4 hour – Session – Taking photographs might seem quick and easy, but it truly takes a lot of time and patience to sooth and position the baby. During most newborn sessions, baby needs to eat and we recommend feeding one more time before you leave the studio to ensure the baby has comfy ride back home. Newborn babies typically need to eat every 2 hours and we realize a feeding take up to 40 minutes. Soothing the baby and comforting can take up to an one hour of session time.  That is why we have you come and relax while we do all the work.

8-16 hours – Upload, back up, edit photos. I fully edit every photograph presented to you. I work on color correcting, toning and retouching images. Fixing red feet that most babies have, yellow skin tones (jaundice is common), baby acne, mom’s arms and skin touch ups. I also include a digitally painted composite with each session (those images where you see baby composted into a hanging basket or a tree branch or prop, posing sitting up, etc).  Each painting takes about 2-3 hours.


4-5 hour In-Person Meeting – I do all my meetings in person:

*1-2 hour pre-consultation meeting (learning about your style and needs);*1-2 hr viewing and ordering appointment (I will show you full gallery of your images in a slideshow and help you decide which photos go into an album, and which will be spectacular on your wall);

*15min- 1 hour pick up meeting (it takes about 15 min to pick up products but if you have baby with you it might take an hour. Mom’s often feed the baby in the studio before driving back home);

*5- 10 hour – Custom designs – I spend at least 5 hours artistically designing each album; at least 1 hour for archival wall art, and a few hours for print orders. I don’t use someone else’s templates — all my products are custom designed. Between designing albums, sending design proofs to you, submitting to the labs, keeping track of orders and paperwork it takes me few hours here.


In conclusion, the old adage “you get what you pay for” is true. I’ve spent countless of hours and money on continuing-education to perfect my craft. I’ve gladly spent thousands of dollars on professional equipment (cameras, lenses, studio lighting, computer and software, props).  Thousands more goes to year in studio cost, to make sure I am prepared for you and your baby.

The best way to make an informed choice of a newborn photographer is to focus on quality, safety and experience.  Hiring a photographer based on the price alone might not be the best idea here. Your newborn’s portraits will hold a very special place in your heart for the rest of your life. It takes the right person to safely photograph your precious newborn baby.

17 May 2017
03 Apr 2017

NEOART photography referral program

 the greatest form of flattery is a referral

A big warm thanks to our clients that have helped our business grow. This special referral card is for you.  Receive a $50 credit toward prints at your next session for each new client that you refer. You may combine multiple credits to one order. (So, if you refer 4 people, you get $200 in print credits!)

neoart photography promo


23 Mar 2017

Pure newborn portraits

Beautiful baby boy – Cash Joseph Smothers – came to visit our newborn photography studio in Deerfield Beach. He was born just a week ago ? 8lbs 10oz. This happy little boy was sleeping the entire session.  We keep all babies happy in our studio, newborn babies are warm, fed, soothed and comforted.

Our studio is very peaceful. We keep all poses simple and very easy on your baby so they remain comfortable. Little Cash is wearing a handmade outfit made in Slovenia by Sweet Dreams Props. “This lovely long sleeved jumpsuit is light as a breeze, amazingly soft and fuzzy with beautiful texture”.

Our style is organic and natural we create pure newborn portraits so “they will not go out of style ” but they will become family heirlooms. We might like the big blue hats and pink bows now  but 20 years from now we might prefer the organic portraits, where the main focus is on the baby.


pure newborn portraits

02 Mar 2017

Want to see a Child Survival Program in action?

Want to see a Child Survival Program in action? join our team this Saturday or make a donation: http://www.walkwithcompassion.com/index.cfm… I can’t wait to see you there! From the bottom of my heart. Thank you for everything you have done in the fight against child poverty.

Here’s what you need to know:

Opening Ceremony: 9:30 AM sharp

Come to Hugh Taylor Birch State Park at 3109 E. Sunrise Blvd.

Follow event parking signage once you reach the venue and tell the parking attendant you are there for Walk With Compassion. You will not have to pay any parking fees.

We will have coffee and some free breakfast items available, along with the BG Coco Cafe located in the park where you can purchase food and beverages.

Clothing Recommendations:
The ground may be uneven in places, so wear good shoes for walking. The event is casual, so dress to be comfortable (jeans or shorts!). The weather is looking to be very mild with a slight chance of rain.

What to Bring: 
Please bring your mobile device (headphones recommended) with a full charge, for use throughout the interactive walk.
Wi-Fi will likely not be available, so a data connection is recommended. For families and groups, multiple devices are recommended!
At the event, you’ll visit WalkWithCompassion.com/LIVE to guide you through the walk.

child in need

25 Feb 2017

We are helping little angels grow. Join our NEOART team for a Compassion International walk fundraise – child survival program. Next Saturday, March 4th in Fort Lauderdale FL

Every year, up to 1.5 million babies die within the first 24 hours of life. We at NEOART photography have been participating in Compassion International Child Survival Program for many years. Our fundraising team is committed to helping children in extreme poverty find new hope and provide the most urgent needs of children living in extreme poverty. Please join us and help this little angels to survive.
Every dollar we raise together will go to the urgent needs they face everyday — lack of food, malaria, disaster relief, and more.

Join Us!

Where Hugh Taylor Birch State Park
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Starts 03/04/2017 @ 9:30 AM
Ends 11:30 AM

There are two ways for you to join us in this mission:

  1. Join our Team
    It is easy to sign up, and you can help us spread the word leading up to the inspiring walk.
  2. Support Our Team
    If you don’t think you can join our team (too far away or it just doesn’t work), then make a donation that will help us reach our goal!

Change the World

It is astounding how small actions can have such a tremendous outcome. Here are a few tangible examples of how a large or small donation can change a child’s life:

  • $18 covers a malaria net to protect a child from this disease
  • $40 pays for a dental checkup, preventing life-threatening complications from poor dental health
  • $46 is enough for a full month of long-term shelter for a child who has been orphaned and/or abused
  • $79 buys an in-home water filtration system that provides clean, safe water for a family of four
  • $150 will buy a pig that can help a family in extreme poverty begin earning a living

Thank you for everything you have done in the fight against child poverty.



24 Feb 2017

Newborn on a swing, digitally painted newborn photograph.

Newborn on a swing,  digitally painted newborn photograph.

Portrait of beautiful Lyla on a swing.  This perfect little girl was sleeping through the whole session. This photograph is digitally painted, little Lyla was laying on a beanbag she was not hanging on a swing/branch. In our studio the main priority is  baby safety and comfort. I developed photoshop/corel skills so we can do this kind of portraits in a safe way. This baby was never hanging on a swing 🙂 It takes few hours to paint a portrait like this. I am using photoshop and corel programs and textures from Flypaper Textures. When you hire a newborn photographer make sure they have a proper training. Working with newborns could be challenging. They need to know how to photograph baby in safe manner.

Newborn on a swing,  digitally painted newborn photograph.

Newborn on a swing, digitally painted newborn photograph.

22 Feb 2017
21 Feb 2017

The feeling of overwhelming love…

The feeling of overwhelming love

I feel so privileged capturing these special moments for new moms. The feeling of overwhelming love to her little boy is so strong. When I asked her to close her eyes and think of the day she first saw him a little tear rolled down her cheeks and he smiled 🙂  newborn artnewborn lovenewborn portraits

19 Feb 2017

Pregnancy portraits at the park in Deerfield Beach

 Very convenient location for Studio, Park and Beach maternity portraits.

Neoart photography portrait studio is located in beautiful Florida where the weather is always great. My newborn portrait studio is located less then 10 min from the Atlantic ocean where we can take beautiful sunset and sunrise portraits. I am very blessed to have amazing botanical garden (often called “tree zoo”) right behind my studio, The constitution park.

” The Arboretum, is approximately nine acres of land containing over 200 exotic trees from five continents around the world. These trees are displayed along a half-mile walking path, fully accessible by wheelchair. The types of trees included in the tree zoo are Flowering Tropical Fruit, Exotics, Palms, Wetlands, Bamboo, Natives and the Butterfly Garden”.

Every maternity session I start in my professionally designed newborn photography studio in Deerfield Beach Florida. I work with controlled studio lighting and a plethora of simple/ organic props and set designs. The studio is great especially during the summer in Florida – AC is a much for pregnant moms 🙂 After the session in the studio we will walk to the park right behind the studio and take more candid portraits.


 Very convenient location for Studio, Park and Beach maternity portraits.

Very convenient location for Studio, Park and Beach maternity portraits.










16 Feb 2017
12 Feb 2017
07 Feb 2017

How to prepare for the newborn portrait session? 10 things to do before the newborn session:

The love that you feel for your child is the strongest love that you will ever feel in your life.
The special moment when your baby is born is very important to photograph. It is the beginning of a new life. And it is in this moment when everything changes forever.

10 things to do before the newborn session:

1. Schedule your session when you are still pregnant. There is a very small window to do the newborn portraits. We have only 10 days to photograph your little angel after that time the new baby is usually going to go through a growth spurt.
2. Meet with your photographer before the baby arrives to talk about your style and needs. Just like you go to a hospital orientation before you give birth, we recommend you go to a photography studio orientation. Make sure you love the place, the photographer’s style, and the products they offer.
3. Decide on the products you would like to order from your newborn session. Look around your house to see if you have any space for wall art. Also ask your family members if they would like any professional portraits of your baby (For example, your parents might prefer an album because they don’t have space for wall art).
4. When you are still pregnant, decide if you would like to do announcement cards. We recommend you start working on them before the baby is born. You can address the envelopes, order some cute stamps, and get them ready to mail. When your baby arrives, you will be very busy with other things.
5. Call or text your photographer when your baby arrives while you are still in the hospital. You will confirm the exact date and time of your newborn session.
6. If you have a boy do not circumcise him right before the session. He will not be happy for the session. He will need about 10 days to heal after the procedure.
7. Don’t give your baby a bath a day before the session. Newborn baby skin will look very dry.
8. Bring extra milk, sometimes your baby will need a “comfort feeding.”
9. Bring extra clothes for yourself and the baby. We will take the diaper off for some of the portraits and sometimes it gets messy 🙂
10. Bring extra snacks for yourself and relax. Most of my newborn photography sessions last between 2-3 hours. I have very comfortable couch in my studio for you to relax and watch the session or take a nap 🙂

 Newborn photography Studio

20 Jan 2017
19 Jan 2017

Little Sophia is already 6 months

Sweet little Sophia is already 6 months old. Here is a portrait of her now and when she was a newborn. She changed so much. We recommend in the first year of your baby’s life to take professional photographs at newborn, 6 months and one year. After one year we recommend every birthday session and holidays. These portraits will become your family heirloom.

6 months baby

newborn art

18 Jan 2017

Sleepy time – on average a newborn session will take between two to three hours.

Newborn babies sleep typically about 17 hours a day but they stay asleep only for 2 to 4 hours at the time. They don’t know the difference between night and day. Most newborn babies will need to eat every 2 hours. This also apply during a newborn session. On average a newborn session will take between two to three hours. Often extra feeding during the session is necessary with the little ones. In our newborn photography studio we try to replicate what the baby felt in mother’s womb. During the newborn session we keep temperature on about 80 degrees, we play heartbeat noise. Most of the time we start the session with a swaddle baby. They are warm, cozy and have full bellies. Great recipe to keep them happy 🙂

newborn photography studio

14 Jan 2017
11 Jan 2017

From a frozen embryo to real life miracle

Over the past 10 year I photographed thousands of beautiful babies and parents. This session was very special. This parents were waiting for this moment a very long time. It look a lot of prayers and a long journey. From a frozen embryo to real life miracle. It was such a privilege to capture this moment for Spring and


09 Jan 2017
06 Jan 2017

How to start a new tradition and save your photo holiday cards.

How to start a new tradition and save your photo holiday cards.

Baby’s first Christmas it’s so special for parents and the whole family. It is a good time to start a new tradition. We make holiday cards every year and after the holidays most of us just toss the cards away.  I started a new tradition when my first baby was born.  Every year I make a holiday card with my favorite portrait of my daughter. I always make one extra card so I can put in a 5×7 frame. After the holidays I put away the frames in the box with the holiday decorations.  The next year when I pull out the decorations I see all the holiday cards from the form the previous years.    I put them around the house and we all enjoy looking at them.  My baby is 6 years old already it is so nice to see how much she changed each year by looking at the collage of her holiday cards. This is fun and creative way to use your holiday cards.



12 Dec 2016

Maternity painting photograph

Maternity painting photograph

This is a digital painting created  from a photograph using advanced Corel and photoshop skills. It takes many hours to create a heirloom like this. We have a botanical park right behind the studio with many unique tree. We love taking our clients for a walk in this park.

Inside the studio we have floor to ceiling windows all around the shooting room where we can take maternity photographs with professional studio lights and backdrops.   During your maternity session we will do natural lighting at the park and professional studio portraits inside.

Maternity painting

12 Dec 2016

Naturally beautiful pregnancy portraits

Naturally beautiful pregnancy portraits.

Marzena is 8 months pregnant, she is waiting for her baby girl to arrive on new year day. This little angel is already very loved. Marzena is beautiful inside and out. She grew up in Poland (like me) we went to the same collage in the city I was born Szczecin. What a small world.

Pregnancy portraits, maternity portrait session.

07 Dec 2016
03 Dec 2016
26 Nov 2016
20 Nov 2016
18 Nov 2016
08 Nov 2016
28 Oct 2016
24 Oct 2016
18 Oct 2016

Holiday Portraits 2016

 This year instead of mini holiday session do something better – A Fine Art Family Session! Focus on a quality portrait of your family and children. Print your portrait for your holiday card, frame it or put in an album. Your family grows fast, lets create a beautiful heritage that your family will cherish forever.

This year we have a great holiday winter wonderland set up 🙂 are playing with the snow in the studio and then we walk to the the park with the whole family to photograph family portraits  🙂 we have a gorgeous park right behind the studio.

My little girls were modeling for me for this sample portrait session.  Studio portrait with the snow Layla and Juliette, photos at the park (behind the studio) Layla (5 years old).

snow 2016 snow3


Holiday portraitsNEOART-1Holiday portraitsIMG_0932

16 Oct 2016

Baby Sophie

This beautiful painting was created for my darling friend Jen and her family. Little Sophie is welcomed with love 🙂

15 Oct 2016
13 Oct 2016

Jupiter – Fall Season Painting

Autumn is my most favorite season, I love all the warm colors that nature paints for us. Gold trees and the breeze in the air. LOL even is south florida where it is always hot the air feels different.

It is Jupiter’s first halloween, I painted his portrait with the warm colors of this season 🙂 Babies keep our heart warm all the time.


28 Sep 2016

Baby Jupiter

Exactly one week old, newborn baby Jupiter came to our studio in Deerfield Beach. It was a great pleasure to photograph this little miracle.

22 Sep 2016

Brother holding his newborn sister for the first time

I had the great pleasure to photograph Leo and his newborn sister yesterday. He was holding his sister for the first time ever. This portrait has so much emotions, he looks so proud of her. What a great heirloom for the parents to cherish for the rest of their life. This little girl will grow up looking at this portrait hanging in her home and will instinctively know that her big brother will be there for her no matter what. Their everlasting bond starts now.


30 Aug 2016

Newborn Art

I see a newborn baby as pure, natural and organic, I love photographing them just they way they are.

26 Aug 2016

Sweet little lamb – newborn portraits

Juls is such a sweet little lamb. I love capturing those precious newborn moments.

26 Aug 2016

Little bear

26 Aug 2016

Just few days old

26 Aug 2016

Sisters are Forever

Layla is such a great sister, there is exactly 5 years between them. My heart is melting watching them grow.

02 Aug 2016

The cutest Baby Bump ever

01 Aug 2016

Maternity Session Guides

WHEN TO SCHEDULE your maternity portrait session

30 to 32 weeks is perfect for most moms to be. This is a time frame where your beautiful belly is of ample size yet you’re not as “puffy” and uncomfortable as you may be in your last 4 to 6 weeks. Though I have shot maternity sessions up close to delivery with beautiful results, feedback from expecting moms has encouraged me to advise clients towards the earlier side where mamas-to-be are feeling their best and are more comfortable than they may be later. A few years ago one of my pregnant client’s water broke during the session, she waited to the last minute. She asked me to keep shooting lol I got few more shots and took her to the hospital 🙂 It goes without saying this is one of the coolest things that has happened to me during the maternity session 🙂 If you are pregnant with twins I would recommend for you to come a little bit earlier at 28-30 weeks, twins usually come earlier. In my carrier I had a few moms that miss the opportunity to capture the beauty of your pregnancy. Plan ahead and lets have fun photographing your baby bump!

Ps. we are now offering underwater maternity sessions. Call or text Ela at 954.366.5652 to schedule your Pregnancy Portrait Session.


31 Jul 2016
27 Jul 2016

Newborn bear

This little bear is only 5 days old!



05 Nov 2015

White Christmas – Make spirits bright!

This year we are having “White Christmas – Make spirits bright!” themed portrait sessions at our studio in Deerfield Beach FL. The space is very limited, please call or text me for availability 954.366.5652

This little girl Skylar, stop by our studio the other day. She has the most beautiful eyelashes and adorable “Gerber Baby” face.

Newborn Photography Studio

08 Sep 2015

Portraits of 3 year old boy

This cute little boy came to our studio with his newborn sister. I got some photos just of him when his mommy was feeding the newborn.

todler portraits 33442

25 Aug 2015

Newborn Canvas

25 Aug 2015

Baby first year album by NEOART photography



15 Aug 2015

Layla First 5 years

I photographed Layla at the her birthday every year. It is such a great keepsake to cherish forever. Her first 5 years!

06 Jul 2012

Isla – 6 days old

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