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People are always asking me how I learn photography

It has been a long journey, faith, sacrifice, commitment and carriage to be where I am today.  I always wanted to be a photographer. My father show me how to use my first film camera when I was just few years old. I remember sitting in the bathroom in our home that my dad turns into a dark room. It was magical to see paper coming up to light in contact with the right mixture of the chemicals. That was the moment when I first fall in love with photography.

I have been developing my skills ever since.   I was taking portraits of my pets, my family, my friends, nature…. everything I could think of.  Seeing the world through my lens it was always magical to me.  I went to business collage to master the skills to run my own photography company.  After I graduated I started working in the fashion industry in Poland.  I have been traveling around the world for a few years and when I was 22 I moved to United States of America. It took me about year to learn English and the new culture. I worked in many portrait studios to train myself on a new market and digital photography.  In 2006 I opened my first studio in Florida.  I photograph over 800 weddings, thousands of family portraits, small events, pets, landscape and I even got into underwater photography.  But my most favorite we’re always babies.

I spent many years in training to learn how to photograph newborns. I mastered it after my first baby (Layla) was born.   Taking photographs was always easy for me it was like a second nature.  Soothing the baby, putting it in a comfortable pose, was the part I was missing.  After holding Layla many nights in my arms soothing her cries I became a better newborn photographer.  I understood the bond between mother and a baby and I knew how to make the baby and parents comfortable during the session. 6 years later after having Layla my second daughter was born Juliette.  I believe it is very important to capture the first moment of our baby’s life.  They grow so fast, we can’t stop the time but we can photograph The moment and have the memory of it forever.

“Newborn sessions are my joy. Those sweet, brand new little angels are my muse. I create NEWBORN ART which becomes a family heirloom passed on through generations. So, call me! Lets’s plan your session; we will have a great time and you’re guaranteed to fall in love with your portraits!  Ela Raveling  

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“PERFECTION Ela is a talented photographer with a TRUE gift. She captures the moment to perfection. She was able to give me as a first time mom the photos of my dreams. We got maternity and newborn photos and loved every single image she captured! She is the most patient women I have ever met and even when my husband and I were anxious with a crying newborn somehow she called us down AND the baby. It was VERY impressive! There is no question she loves her job, the people she works with and capturing images that you will cherish for the rest of your life. I have her work proudly on display because she captured the moments for us perfectly!!!”

Spring Neal, newborn Dylan

“As a first-time mom, the thought of getting myself and my baby (and husband) presentable for a photo shoot soon after giving birth was overwhelming, but Ela made every step of the process effortless. Her studio is beautiful and comfortable. She is professional with a sweet and caring touch that all of us appreciated. And her photos are flawless with a mix of whimsy AND organic/raw emotion that you’ll just love. “

Megaan Marie, newborn Peter

“NEOART Photography is simply the best. Ela is extremely talented and so wonderful to work with. Her level of professionalism, communication and quality of work are unparalleled. Her studio is spotless and she is so gentle with newborns! And most importantly, our pictures are beyond beautiful and we cannot even begin to express how happy we are. Thank you NEOART from the bottom of our hearts!”

Jessica Stillman, baby first year plan with Ari

“We have used Ela and Jason at NeoArt since 2011. They have photographed our engagement photos, our wedding day, and have done newborn-one year photos for both of our daughters! I have always called them the Photo Ninjas because they get photos that no one ever could have expected! Ela has the most gentle touch and the best way with kids! We tried to use another photographer for my daughters photos & she cried the whole time! With Ela, she just smiles at her and plays with her like she’s her best friend! Not everyone has a way with kids, but Ela does! Even when Ela was 9 months pregnant, she was standing in the rain, photographing our daughters! Her love for photography and her passion for perfection is priceless! Also, their photos when printed and their albums are top knotch! The design process is flawless and easy & the albums turn out looking perfect! We love Ela and NeoArt!”

– Debra Whiteman, portraits of mom and dad + baby first year plan with Lilly &  Charlie

” Ela is one of the most professional, kindhearted, calm and passionate photographers I’ve ever met. She understands what a bride and groom want and is able to expand on that vision and capture every special moment. Ela wants to ensure that the client gets what they want and will go the extra mile to exceed your expectation. She treats you like a friend and builds a bond that makes you feel like you are losing a close friend when the big day is over. NEOART produces high caliber images that you allow you to relive your special day over and over again! Ela thank you so much for the amazing photos, for being such an amazing person and above all for being part of the most special day in Chris’ and my life.”

– Chris-Gloria Velez-Berrios, portraits

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