How to get newborns"/>

Newborn smile.

How to get newborns to smile for a photo?

The first time I saw a baby smile was in the 8th month of my pregnancy, when my little girl Layla was still in the womb and the ultrasound captured the moment. There is just nothing sweeter than baby’s face lighting up!

Some people insist that a newborn smile is simply a sign that your little bundle is passing gas, but I think it’s more than that. Through the years I have seen many babies smile as they lay cozy on my posing beanbag. I believe they smile because they are feeling comfy and content.


baby smiles


So, what’s the secret? How do I get baby to smile for the newborn pictures?

My secret is rather simple:  A full belly and re-creating the womb-world baby has grown in!

At NEOART Newborn Studio we simulate the womb environment to achieve a safe, familiar environment for your baby. I keep my studio at 80-degrees to ensure that your newborn is warm and comfortable. I soothe, swaddle and sway to keep baby happy during the session. By using a gentle white-noise machine to remind baby of the womb, I can calm babies more than 90% of the time 🙂

I position and handle your baby very gently, with the utmost of care. Most babies stay asleep through the session, especially if they have a full tummy. Babies already have a good start on developing their own little personality.  Honestly, not every baby will smile, just like not every

adult has a sense of humor or smiles a lot. I can assure you this, all babies are comfy and secure in our studio. And that makes for beautiful images!

How to get newborns to smile for a photo

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