The love that you"/>

How to prepare for the newborn portrait session? 10 things to do before the newborn session:

The love that you feel for your child is the strongest love that you will ever feel in your life.
The special moment when your baby is born is very important to photograph. It is the beginning of a new life. And it is in this moment when everything changes forever.

10 things to do before the newborn session:

1. Schedule your session when you are still pregnant. There is a very small window to do the newborn portraits. We have only 10 days to photograph your little angel after that time the new baby is usually going to go through a growth spurt.
2. Meet with your photographer before the baby arrives to talk about your style and needs. Just like you go to a hospital orientation before you give birth, we recommend you go to a photography studio orientation. Make sure you love the place, the photographer’s style, and the products they offer.
3. Decide on the products you would like to order from your newborn session. Look around your house to see if you have any space for wall art. Also ask your family members if they would like any professional portraits of your baby (For example, your parents might prefer an album because they don’t have space for wall art).
4. When you are still pregnant, decide if you would like to do announcement cards. We recommend you start working on them before the baby is born. You can address the envelopes, order some cute stamps, and get them ready to mail. When your baby arrives, you will be very busy with other things.
5. Call or text your photographer when your baby arrives while you are still in the hospital. You will confirm the exact date and time of your newborn session.
6. If you have a boy do not circumcise him right before the session. He will not be happy for the session. He will need about 10 days to heal after the procedure.
7. Don’t give your baby a bath a day before the session. Newborn baby skin will look very dry.
8. Bring extra milk, sometimes your baby will need a “comfort feeding.”
9. Bring extra clothes for yourself and the baby. We will take the diaper off for some of the portraits and sometimes it gets messy 🙂
10. Bring extra snacks for yourself and relax. Most of my newborn photography sessions last between 2-3 hours. I have very comfortable couch in my studio for you to relax and watch the session or take a nap 🙂

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